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Monday, August 10, 2009

Logan and Sam's Trip To California

Logan and Samantha got the opportunity to go on a vacation to San Diego, California with their grandparents, Frostie and K. They returned home Sunday evening. I'm sure the time went by super fast for them..they were having such a wonderful time. Of course, back home, Hudson, Madison, Candi, D and I were missing them like crazy. But talk about a dramatic difference in the day to day routine with only having three kids. Part of the week Donny went out of town and so it was just me and the three kids. I have never heard the house so quiet. So strange. After almost a week with the threesome, I determined it would be so easy if we only had three kids. Hehe! I know what some of you are thinking? But seriously, adding two more to the mix makes a huge difference. 

They have been telling me all kinds of stories of what they did and saw on the trip. From Sea World, the zoo, the animal shows, roller coasters and rides, and so much more. I know I will be hearing about this trip for days, months and years to come. Afterall, Logan has an amazing memory. 

There are so many pictures from the trip...here are several for a sneak peak of the trip. I'll post more later as I get the chance.

P8070027 P8070029

P8050005 P8060060

P8060062 P8070042

Thank you K and Frostie for taking such great care of Sammy and Logan while you were away. They had a blast!! :)

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"CELEBRATED" said...

How did your kids come up with the names Special K and Frostie? Our grandparent names are unique too, Fafa and Cita. :)

Glad to see you blogging again!