"I owe everything to my Savior, Jesus Christ. He has given me hope and continues to give me a future. I now know after so many trials in my life, that He does listen to me and He will answer my prayers. I no longer have to think about seeking Jesus, He is in my thoughts all day long. My heart knows my Savior’s voice. When He calls me to prayer, I obey. When I ask to sit with Him in counsel, He is always there. If it weren’t for the trials in my life I would never have developed the faith I have today. There is no longer any question, there is no longer the “Why is this happening”, there is only trust because my Father in heaven is always faithful and just."– Liz Dixon

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's up with Hudson?

Last week we had a long awaited appointment for Hudson with the orthopedic specialist. You may have hears about the not so great experience we encountered from the doctor who was less than professional, or have seen some remarks I made about it on Facebook.  But despite all that, we did actually get some actual diagnosis and reasons to explain the issues that he does have. The layman's terms of it, Hud's left leg is shorter than his right leg because his his brain is not telling his leg to grow at the same rate due to his grade 4 brain bleed at birth. Also, his hip turns out when he walks. We did get an official diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

"Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders characterized by loss of movement or nerve functions. Cerebral refers to brain and palsy to weakness or poor control of muscles. Cerebral palsy is caused by abnormal brain development during fetal development or by injuries to the brain from birth through the first three years of life.

A person with cerebral palsy can have mild to severe physical disabilities. Some people have only a slight limp or an uncoordinated walk. Others have little or no control over their arms and legs or other body part."

So that just confirms what we already thought. He has some issues with the use of his left arm/hand, which we are told there's nothing he can do now, that he's not already doing, besides trying to find an interest that would require him to use his arms like martial arts, dance, playing an instrument. To help with his leg issues, he is going to be put back in a orthopedic brace. 

"For children with cerebral palsy, muscles do not grow fast enough to keep pace with lengthening bones. The resulting contracture can disrupt balance and trigger loss of abilities. Special braces (orthodox devices) combined with physical therapy and other interventions may prevent this complication by stretching spastic muscles."

This time, this one he may need for years to come, or possibly the rest of his life. But hey, we aren't going there, cause this boy has come leaps and bounds. Who knows what amazing things God has in store for this precious little boy. Anyone who knows him, knows what a happy, sweet, loving boy that he is. He just loves life, loves to laugh, and loves to love!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Experiencing Life Change Together

(Since It's been a while since I have updated on the blog, I figured I would try to post something for a few days till I can get caught up to where we are now).

Our church youth group is on my mind right now, so I will share on this subject today. Recently, Donny and I had our 1 yr anniversary at the church God led us to right before Donny lost his job at RSI. If you have not heard that story...WOW, such a God thing! 

We love our church family so much! What a huge support and blessing they have been to us through all the ups and downs of life we have faced in the last year. As Donny and I got more involved in the church, we wanted to find an area of the church where we could serve together as a couple. We both had a passion for the youth in the church, and felt led to serve in that capacity. God opened the doors, and we have been there ever since. 

We recently finished a series called "Wipeout," named after the reality show..I'm sure you have seen the previews on tv if you have not seen the show itself. Donny played a character called the Unicorn Ninja. If you keep up with us on Facebook, you may have seen some of the footage on Donny's Facebook page. Lots of laughs! Wednesday nights are always a great time with the youth group.

We don't know what God has in store for the youth at Genesis Metro, but look forward to experiencing life change with the youth! 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quality Time!

Several months ago I made a choice to spend more quality time with our children. Sure, I'm a stay at home mom so I'm almost always with them, but so many days it's just routine and I want it to be special. I tend to get wrapped up with all the housework and things I want to do and accomplish and I forget some of the best times are unplanned times. I want my kids to know that they are loved and cared for by their mommy and daddy!! So, Donny and decided to start having special time with the kids individually or one take the girls and one take the boys. These times have been wonderful! 

We have five incredible kids!! They are so silly and make me giggle. There are only few years I can enjoy this time of their lives and I want to make the best of it. My health is still not the greatest, I've had a couple surgeries since I last blogged and several hospital stays, and there's no way for me to know how I will feel from one day to the next. But I do know I want to spend time with my kids and share things and moments they will always remember while I have a chance to do so.

I know I'm way behind on updates and so much has happened...Stay tuned to hear some updates on what the Dixon's are up to now.