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Thursday, February 12, 2009

On The Road To Success

Today, I met with Logan's current Pre-K teacher for his Parent Teacher conference. Overall he got a wonderful report and is doing very well in school and has showed tremendous progress during the year. As in the words of his teacher, "Logan continues to do an awesome job during phonics and reading groups." This was something new that they started during this semester. His spoken language skills are performed most the time. He has mastered all the reading and phonics skills, except reading a complete sentence. He is writing very well, although he has been able to write his full name since day one. So he was already ahead of the game on that one. What can I say, my kid is a genius! Hehe! That's what all parents say, right?! What I can't believe is that his mathematics skills are almost all mastered. Now I have to say he does not get his mathematics skills from his mother, nor his father. All the credit there goes to good ole G-Pa! He's always teaching him counting skills etc. when they are together. Way to go G-Pa!!

In regards to his social developmental you really can't get any better than he is right now. Well, I guess there is always room for improvement right. But seriously. This boy has the social skills of his father. His daily living and motor skills are almost mastered completely. His classroom behavior overall is very well. His talking in class has improved greatly since last semester, and his misbehavior seems to occur when he does not know what is going on, and there is not enough to do or focus on.

This brings me to Kindergarten talk. His teacher is encouraging us to observe all the classes soon before he is placed in a classroom, so he can be matched up with the best fit for a teacher. Because Logan needs constant activity and likes to be aware of everything that is going on throughout the day. His teacher is conference that he will have major behavior problems if he does not get a teacher that works more in that manner. So I will defiantly be speaking with the elementary school soon and meeting with them and speaking with the principal to make sure they understand his situation.

Overall though, he is doing fantastic! He has the ability to do any and all work that is presented to him. He has proved that. He just has to be focused or determined enough to do it.


Don said...

That Logan is simply too cool and obviously sharp, even if he is our grandson. We miss him and each of you so much in every way. It sure reminds us to pray for each of you a lot. We will keep the selection of a teacher in prayer for the Lord to lead and work his will in that as we pray blessings and victories of faith in each area for each of you.

Love & prayers - NanaPops

The White Family said...

Hi, my name is Leslie and I found your blog through Shannon Mathis' blog. I thought this might be interesting to you since you have been in the same position. http://coxquads.blogspot.com/
I ask that, if you have time I know you are busy, to please lift this family up in prayer. They are a family in Anna Texas that just had quads born a few weeks ago and are having some issues. From what I have read, your prayers for sick babies are very powerful and would appreciate your prayers. Thanks.

Tim said...

That is such great news, way to go Logan!

We will be praying that you find a teacher who had the dedication to make sure he always stays busy.

Love and Prayers,