"I owe everything to my Savior, Jesus Christ. He has given me hope and continues to give me a future. I now know after so many trials in my life, that He does listen to me and He will answer my prayers. I no longer have to think about seeking Jesus, He is in my thoughts all day long. My heart knows my Savior’s voice. When He calls me to prayer, I obey. When I ask to sit with Him in counsel, He is always there. If it weren’t for the trials in my life I would never have developed the faith I have today. There is no longer any question, there is no longer the “Why is this happening”, there is only trust because my Father in heaven is always faithful and just."– Liz Dixon

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I realized one of the most important day's of Brown Bear Week was forgotten. How could I forget to post pics from Orange day?! After all, this family roots for the TN VOLS! GO BIG ORANGE!! Here are the quads right before school. Don't they all look so cute? If you can't tell recently, Sam has become quite fond of having her picture taken. She is always ready with her smile and putting her arms around others posing. So cute! I love it!! It's funny too, because when Logan is not around, it's like Sam is the ring leader. All of a sudden she becomes the one in charge and tells the others what to do, or the way it is going to be.

That evening I caught a moment with Donny holding Sam and I had to take a picture. The lighting was really bad, and there was a bad glare, but I still love the picture of them two.

Of course Daddy got some tickles out of Sam. That's a daily Daddy thing. No matter the day, good or bad, each child gets some tickle time with Daddy. I love watching it! I love hearing it! Especially when Maddy is the one getting the tickles. That girl can laugh like no other. I can be having the worst day, but to hear Madison and her famous giggle, you cannot help but smile. It's pretty awesome when I think about things like this, and the little ins and outs of our children's personalities right now, a part of me can see into the future, a picture of them and what they will be like as they get older. The way they will act, interact and react. The kind of friend they will be to others. The kind of student they will be. The kind of teenager they will be. These are the fun and wonderful things we can and get to think about. We don't need to worry about what we are going to do when all the kids need braces, or figuring out how to manage the schedules and costs when all five children are interested in different sports or hobbies. We get to make the most the way things are now, the amazingly different and special children that we have, and all the many ways that they bless our lives each day.

And here's Sam for a close up...

I downloaded a new program the other day, so I was playing around with it and here is the result.

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