"I owe everything to my Savior, Jesus Christ. He has given me hope and continues to give me a future. I now know after so many trials in my life, that He does listen to me and He will answer my prayers. I no longer have to think about seeking Jesus, He is in my thoughts all day long. My heart knows my Savior’s voice. When He calls me to prayer, I obey. When I ask to sit with Him in counsel, He is always there. If it weren’t for the trials in my life I would never have developed the faith I have today. There is no longer any question, there is no longer the “Why is this happening”, there is only trust because my Father in heaven is always faithful and just."– Liz Dixon

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thoracic Thursday

Tomorrow morning, I will be undergoing the surgery I spoke of recently. It is called thoracic outlet surgery.

"Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is a complex condition involving compression,
irritation or direct injury of major structures within the thoracic outlet such
as the subclavian vein, subclavian artery and the Brachial Plexus. TOS can be
very painful, debilitating and sometimes life and limb threatening."

I'll be in the hospital overnight and then be home recovering. Overall, recovery is a month. I won't be able to lift my arms up for a whole month. That's the crazy part. Wondering how I'm going to figure out to do simple things like wash my hair, dry my hair, etc. Hmm! The hardest part will be fighting the urge to lift of my hands in church during worship. Makes me
very thankful for my arms. I'm sure I'll be back on the blog, but It will be a bit difficult typing with one hand. Well, slower anyway. :) HEHE!

Thank you for your prayers!


Following Him said...

PRAYERS and THOUGHTS go out to you :)

Alyson said...

We'll be praying for you, Liz!!